solutions for the mobile workforce

At 3Logix we are able to bring our considerable experience to deliver specialized solutions for various industries.

Lone Worker Monitoring

In response to the growing need for companies to provide the safest possible workplace for employees 3Logix has developed a specific solution called Lone Worker. It provides peace of mind for both employer and field based employees.

High Value Goods Protection

These days it's critical for logistics companies to be able to deliver high value goods on schedule and with guaranteed safety in transit. 3Logix offers a number of solutions from the basic tracking of goods in a vehicle to the monitoring of individual shipments or even items. Fleetmax offers a number of options from self monitoring to Call Centre surveillance. Track your valuable cargo in real time.

  • Know where it is
  • What condition it's in
  • Whether or not it's on schedule
  • When it's been delivered

Fuel and Emission Management

With the ever increasing public awareness of the Global Warming logistics companies must be able to show they understand and can measure the impact of their carbon footprint. This may be from monitoring fuel burn to real time management of driver behaviour. Again Fleetmax can provide the answer.

  • Fuel usage
  • Litres per trip used
  • Carbon emissions
  • CO measurement

Field Based RFID Systems

The use of RFID is not new. However it's seldom been utilised to its full potential. Fleetmax can offer an RFID solution to suit those clients who have pieces of equipment in the field such as back hoe buckets, waste bins or high value tools. Using a standard GPS tracking device the 3Logix solution has a reader attached which reads the item in or out/off or on a work vehicle. The last known position of that read is shown on a map in Fleetmax allowing you to keep track of items once easily mislaid.

Drivers can be identified and their driving behaviour monitored

  • Driver ID
  • Field field ID
  • Tools and Equipment ID